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Waffle Flower Celebrating 6 Years of Fun

This month we are celebrating Waffle Flower’s 6th anniversary and I’ve got a jam packed post for you that I worked really hard one to share you with projects featuring my top 6 favorite Waffle Flower sets of all time!

Illustrator Kamo is probably my favorite illustrator in the Waffle Flower line and definitely the illustrator that drew me into their products! I love her whimsical style and her sets are very unique. This set features the Jungle Birthday, which is not only a great scene building set, the playful images make this great for any card.

Even with a scene card packed full of images, I still had plenty of more in the set that I have not even included to offer more variations to your scene so that you can use it over and over! Who doesn’t love that? I borrowed a sentiment from the Little Faires set and snuck it right above the cake.

I added a layer of grass in the background using the Over the Fence die and also framed the scene in a kraft card stock. I loved working with this set to create this card, and I can only hope the recipient love it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I’m going to continue with my favorite illustrator Kamo sets here, and share with you another awesome one called Level Up. A small fact about me is that I love playing video games, and I have many friends that enjoy that too, so when I discovered Kamo’s video game themed set, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s not every day you see a stamp set with this theme!

So, of course this set definitely made it to my top 6! I was eager to include two scenes, with the knight battling the dragon (although they seem pretty happy, so perhaps it’s a dance off!), and the knight then winning the princess’ heart. To get it all in there, I went for a slimline card design and sectioned it half with a divider diagonally across the card.

I used the Over the Fence die once again here across the whole bottom edge, backed the scenes against a kraft panel, and added all the images with foam tape.

This next card is one of Kamo’s sport themed stamp sets called Batter. And as you can see it’s a baseball themed set. We have tons of baseball fans here and I thought this set was just so well designed and make such adorable cards. Once again, I don’t see too many baseball sets out there, and Kamo knocked this out of the park! Since I posted this card awhile back, you can find more details on this post.

Alright, alright, I could share Kamo cards all day but I don’t want to bore you with the same illustrator over and over! Another awesome illustrator is Big Bear & Bird. I had been such a huge fan of her watercolor work long before she was a designer for Waffle Flower, so imagine how excited I was to find out that she was collaborating!

She has many great sets, but the one I’m showcasing to you today is called Tea for Two. Again, I like picking sets that have a lot of potential for great scenes, and I was especially drawn to these cute mushrooms….go figure! I am also quite the tea drinker, so I am a little biased here!

In addition to this stamp set, I also used the Scenery die for the die cut clouds and the Jars Sentiments stamp set. This set is also a favorite sentiment set of mine as I love the whimsical font and there are so many options in this set that I find very handy. You should definitely check that one out too if you don’t have it!

I wanted to make sure I also picked out a Liz Mytinger set to share with you today in my Top 6, cause her sets are the bomb! She also carries a very fun and whimsical style, and I have to say I love her hamsters the most. This card features the Gym Rat set and it brings such a smile to my face every time I color these images!

The quarantine probably has us all feeling like these hamsters these days trying to get some workouts done indoors and finding fun things to do at home. I also remember very fondly watching aerobics videos on the tv with my mom and working out with her. Haha!

Everything on this card is from this stamp set including the fun pattern stamping in the background to really give that 80s vibe. Oh yeah! Let’s dance!!

A little different from my previous 5 picks, but I knew it’s a definite favorite, is the Color Combos. I love making cute cards, but I also need great tools to help me stay organized and inspired to create. So it really means a lot to me to have products that allow me to organize my coloring mediums well, especially my ink pads, else I’m just an awful mess in the craft room.

Having colors organized like this allow me to easily pick the right colors, reduce the amount of mistakes/redos, and allow me to easily refer back to previous color combos that I really liked. You can read more about my use of the Color Combos in a previous blog post here.

Blog Hop

This post is part of the Waffle Flower Year 6 Blog Hop! The team and invited guests have teamed up together to bring you lots of inspiration with their favorite Waffle Flower products. So hop along, share some love, and most importantly, have fun!

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To celebrate Waffle Flower’s 6th Anniversary, Waffle Flower is giving away $100 gift certificates to THREE lucky winners. You can leave a comment on my blog and along the hop by 11:59pm ET on 4/8/2019 for your chances to win. Winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the posts on this blog hop and will be announced on the Waffle Flower blog on 4/10/2019.


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